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"Take toxic household products to a hazardous waste facility; never dump them down the sink. Remember, the ocean begins at your front door!"

Links & resources


Maine Fisherman’s Forum

Cheticamp River Salmon Association

Chéticamp official web site

Harbour Authority of Chéticamp

Ecology Action Centre:Climate Change Adaption in Chéticamp



Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

DFO Gulf Region

New Brunswick Fisheries

Newfoundland Labrador Fisheries and Aquaculture

Canada’s Ocean Strategy: Our Oceans, Our Future (PDF)

Canada’s Stewardship Agenda. 2003

Weather and Tides

Chéticamp Tide Table

DFO Tides

Weather Forecasts Chéticamp

Fishing Industry

Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association

Nova Scotia Salmon Association

North of Smokey Fishermen’s Association

Guysborough Inshore Fisheries Association

Eastern Fishermen’s Association

Maine Lobstermen’s Association

Nova Scotia Fish Packers Association

Aquaculture association of Nova Scotia

Seafood Canada

Nova Scotia Sport Fishing

The Maritimes Fisherman’s Union

Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council


Atlantic Veterinary College Lobster Science Centre

Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership

Nova Scotia Aquaculture Licensing and Leasing

Fishermen and Scientists Research Society

YouTube Videos

Snow Crab Video, Chéticamp

Lobster Fishing Pleasant Bay


Marine Institute of Memorial University

ACZISC Marine Lesson plans and resources for Students and Teachers

ACZISC relevant links

ACZISC, reports, newsletters and documents

ACZISC, maps and imagery

ACZISC, Similar programs and organizations

Interactive Gulf of Saint Laurence Mapping