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GAMS has won the National Co-op Challenge, Atlantic Division!

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of our many friends and volunteers, GAMS will receive a $30,000 prize from the Co-Operators! We could not be more grateful! Thank you to everyone who voted, shared, and brought us so many new friends! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We truly could not have done it without you!

To learn more about this contest, click here!

Summer benefit concerts report
The two benefit concerts held to raise funds for GAMS were very successful! To see the full report and see how much was raised, click here!


What a good feeling it is to tell you that this year has virtually flown by, carried by accomplishments and fueled with new friends and new ideas. This is a very exciting time for the Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station Cooperative....Read more!

Climate Change Project:
Cheticamp and surrounding communities will be the site of a two-year project to study how climate change will impact the fisheries and tourism sectors in Western Cape Breton, and develop new tools to help the community prepare for change....Read more!


Rare crab makes appearance at Cornish aquarium:

A rare type of spider crab, which has not been seen in Cornwall since 1912, is making an appearance at a north Cornwall aquarium...Read more!

The world's only lobster trap cam:
Ever wondered what lobsters do when they're stuck in a trap? Now you can find out! CLICK HERE to see live images of lobsters hanging out in the Halifax Harbour!