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"Take toxic household products to a hazardous waste facility; never dump them down the sink. Remember, the ocean begins at your front door!"


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GAMS is a Canadian not for profit cooperative. Its development and future programming relies on donations from individuals and business. By making a tax deductible donation to GAMS, will you will contribute to the growing effort to improve the knowledge and health of the ecosystems of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the resources they provide, and the many communities that depend on them. Donate today!

To donate online please click the DONATE button that follows.

You may also send your donation by mail to the following address:

P.O. Box 697
Nova Scotia, B0E1H0

Please make cheques payable to:
Gulf Aquarium and Marine Station Cooperative Ltd.

The Gulf Aquarium Marine Station is a Registered Charity: #828751156RR0001