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Community & Conferences

Since 2009, GAMS hosts the Fisheries Forum; a meeting of fishermen, scientists, and community leaders to learn about fisheries issues from multiple perspectives and to discuss the fisheries as they are and might be in the future.

The Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sustainability of the Gulf of St. Lawrence ecosystem and the surrounding communities; GAMS was proud to host their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2010. We still volunteer with them each summer to collect nutrient samples, and to index the species of the Cheticamp Harbour once a month during June-August.

GAMS also hosted the Lobster Certification and Traceability Conference (October 2010), in collaboration with the Gulf Nova Scotia Lobster Coalition. Implementation of a tracking system for lobster would allow consumers access to information about where the animal came from, when it was caught, and by whom, which has implications for food safety and fishery regulation.

GAMS is proud to provide lab space to scientists working in and around the western coast of Cape Breton. So far, our lab space has been utilized by the DFO for snow crab assessment research and students from St. Francis Xavier University.