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"Don't litter. Throw trash in a trash can before leaving an area. Remember, the ocean begins at your front door!"

About GAMS

The GAMS cooperative was formed in 2007 to establish the Gulf Marine Centre, promoting the sustainability of the Southern Gulf of St Lawrence's fascinating ecosystems, rich, invaluable resources, and the communities and industries that rely on them. By educating the local community and the public at large about these organisms, resources, industries, the ever-growing body of research surrounding them, and the challenges they face, we hope to facilitate collaboration between the diverse stakeholders that all depend on that sustainability. Such communication and collaboration is becoming increasingly important as the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and indeed ecosystems all over the world, are facing new and more serious environmental challenges.

Grand Etang oversees the productive fishing grounds of the eastern Gulf of St. Lawrence and the deep waters of Cabot Strait that link the Gulf with the Atlantic. Located on the scenic Cabot Trail, Grand Etang and the neighbouring communities form the western gateway to the world-renowned Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Built on a rich Acadian and fishing heritage, Grand Etang is home to the Mi-Carême Center, which often partners up with the Gulf Marine Centre to help host events.

What We Do
GAMS operates a year round research and development office, and a seasonal Marine Centre that combines marine research facilities and a small interpretive centre featuring the ecology of the Gulf of St Lawrence. GAMS also organizes and hosts an annual Fishermen's Forum; this event allows fishermen, researchers and others to combine their knowledge around fisheries issues.

Who We Are
GAMS is overseen by a Board of Trustees and Advisory Board composed of community members, fishermen, scientists and educators. The cooperative has approximately 100 members.

Our Vision and Values
GAMS is committed to advancing three core values that structure everything we do:
Research, Community, and Education

Research - GAMS aids and participates in research on past, present and future fisheries, resources, and ecosystems of the Southern Gulf of St Lawrence by providing research space to university students and taking on new research initiatives in partnership with universities, government agencies, and others. We have been involved in research surrounding everything from invasive species populations to coastline mapping to developing new resources and new uses for current resources.

Community building - By providing opportunity for communication and collaboration between fishermen, regulators, industry, and community leaders, GAMS helps to enrich the collective understanding of fisheries and oceans issues and ensure that all parts of the community are allowed to contribute their knowledge.

Education - GAMS is proud to offer education opportunities related to the marine environment for all levels and ages. GAMS runs a summer camp for kids which is packed with fun ways to learn, has hosted university field courses, and takes touch tanks out into the community to reach the public at large.

The culmination of these three goals is the opening of a Gulf Marine Centre. The Marine Centre would be a place for tourists, fishermen, students, and locals to come together to learn about and share experiences around fisheries, oceans, and all the organisms that inhabit them. The added dimension of a research space would bring scientists, current scientific exploration, and the public together to learn and work cooperatively. Constant sharing, learning, and exploring brings the Gulf of St. Lawrence to life in the community and makes it a focal point for future research and education.