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"Have your car maintained regularly to prevent oil, antifreeze, and other fluid leaks. Remember, the ocean begins at your front door!"

Previous Events

C.A.M.P (Aquatic Monitoring Project)
Friday, June 17

C.A.M.P (Aquatic Monitoring Project)
Thursday, July 14

C.A.M.P (Aquatic Monitoring Project)
Wednesday, August 10

Café Scientifiques
(Larvae lobster)
Friday, July 29

Café Scientifiques
(Striped Bass)
Wednesday, August 17

CAMP: Community Aquatic Monitoring Program
Tuesday, June 16th

GAMS Open House
Saturday, June 27th

GAMS Annual General Meeting
Sunday, June 28th

CAMP: Community Aquatic Monitoring Program
Tuesday, July 14

Marine Explorations Summer Camp
Monday-Friday, August 10-14

CAMP: Community Aquatic Monitoring Program
Monday, August 17

Movie Program "Changing Oceans: The Gulf of St. Lawrence"
Wednesday, August 19

Fishermen's Forum 2014
Friday, November 7th

Ashley MacIsaac & Friends Benefit Concert
A benefit concert held July, 2011 to raise money for the opening of a Marine Centre in Cheticamp, NS. The incredible mix of fiddle and folk music, step dancing, and other activities led to a great night for all who attended and was a huge success for GAMS!


Fisherman's Forum 2010
An annual event organized by GAMS to bring fishermen, scientists, and community members together to discuss issues surrounding the ocean and the fisheries.