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Fishermen's Forum 2010: Presentations

Panel 1:The State of the Fisheries 2010: Research Perspectives on Stock Assessments.”

(Michel Biron, Snow Crab Biologist, Fisheries & Oceans Canada; and Jen Graham, EAC)

Jennifer Graham: Coastal fisheries and climate change: implications for coastal communities

Panel 2:Marketing Challenges: the global market, certification and other issues.”

(Stuart Beaton, Marketing of the Local Lobster Fishery; Sadie Beaton, Alternative Marketing; Malinda Cole, MSC Guysborough County Inshore Fishermen's Association; and Bruce Cox, Fisheries Loan Board)

Sadie Beaton: Researching Local Direct Marketing Potential For Small-scale Fisheries

Panel 3: From the Bottom Up: Community-based fisheries management”

(Ginny Boudreau, Guysborough County, Inshore Fishermen's Association; Dr. John Kearney, Community Fisheries Specialist; and Dr. Tony Charles, St. Mary’s University)

Ginny Boudreau: Community Based “Integrated” Fisheries Management

Dr. Tony Charles: Community-Based Management of Fisheries and Coasts

Keynote Speaker Dr. Tony Charles, “Tying Together Fisheries, Communities and Sustainability”

Dr. Tony Charles: Tying together fisheries, communities, and sustainability

Panel 4:Resource Diversification: aquaculture and alternatives to traditional fisheries”

(Geoff Nishi, Mabou Harbour Oyster Aquaculture; Andrew Bagnall, Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture; and Irene Novaczek, Institute of Island Studies)

Andrew Bagnall: Aquaculture in Nova Scotia

Geoff Nishi: Oyster Aquaculture

Irene Novaczek: Edible and medicinal marine plants for rural enterprise

Panel 5:Working together: increasing collaborative research opportunities”

(Michel Biron, Fisheries & Oceans Canada; Patty King, Fishermen and Scientists Research Society; and Irene Novaczek, Institute of Island Studies).

Patty King: A Proven Model for Effective Collaboration

Irene Novaczek: Collaborative Research on Social Issues Affecting Fisheries

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